Why see a therapist?

What kind of issues can therapy help with? There’s so much that therapy can help with but heres a small selection of some of the most common things people turn to therapists for: relationship challenges, help managing emotions and mood, life transitions, loss.

Relationship challenges

As people we are always in relationships and sometimes those relationships can get stuck in unhelpful patterns. Wether it’s with an intimate partner, a child, a parent, or even a colleague or neighbour, being able to talk to a therapist sheds light on what changes could be made to aid a more satisfying connection.

Emotions and mood

Many people struggle with anxiety and depression and seeing a therapist can help shed light on what might be underlying. Learning to regulate emotions and becoming aware of our self-talk are things that can be addressed in therapy and help us to feel better.

Life transitions

We all face them as we go through our lives but despite the fact that this is a normal human experience we can feel turned upside down. We can feel unsettled as we adjust to our new circumstances. We can feel a shift in our identity and talking with a therapist can help us process what we are experiencing, make sense of it and enable us to navigate what we are going through.


Facing loss is another very normal human experience and yet it is so very hard. In our Western culture we are not that good at dealing with the pain and sorrow that comes from loss. Having a place to be able to open up and receive support through your grief and the changes you face can bring much needed comfort and help you though this difficult time.

Book a discovery call to learn more

If you are thinking about therapy for yourself you can book a free 15 minutes discovery call to meet me and discuss your situation. We can talk about what your needs are, and wether I would be a good fit for you to work with. I offer virtual sessions to clients in British Columbia, Canada. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor my services are often covered by insurance plans.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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