My work as a counsellor is about helping individuals and couples who are feeling stuck find a way forward

Life is full of many ups and downs and there are times when we need a safe, supportive space to process all that is happening.

Hi. I’m Jo.

It is my absolute joy to be part of your journey towards healing and living your good life.

I am a Mom of four kids. I am creative and love to make things like pallet wood constructions for my garden, halloween costumes and birthday cakes. I also love to sing and dance. I am British but have lived in Vancouver since 2008 and very much enjoy the West Coast.

I have my own journey of therapy, and come to this work as someone who has reaped the benefits of putting the time and energy into personal exploration. My own life experiences inform my practice. I see myself as a fellow traveller and guide for those times when life feels a bit ‘too much’.

How I work

I provide an empathic, non-judgemental approach. I ask you what’s happened in the past, what’s happening now, and together we work to get you feeling better and living the life you want to live, whatever you are facing at this time.

In my work I bring a lot of empathy.  I take time to hear you and help you to explore the key issues in your life.  What upsets you?  How do you talk to yourself? What factors from your family of origin might be at play?  I also look at the systems we live in, taking account of the impacts of patriarchy, capitalism and colonization. I draw from brain science and the wisdom of the body.  You already have a body and mind system which works to guide you.  We will work together to get this system working optimally so you can have the best relationship with yourself and others.

A boardwalk built through some dense forest.
Beautiful young family with two daughters under the umbrellas, running. Walk on a rainy day.

Next steps

I offer a free 15 minute consultation where we can meet each other and talk about your needs as a client. The therapeutic relationship is the single most important factor in this type of work and assessing wether we are a good fit for each other is the first step.

If we decide that we are a good fit for each other then my fee is $140 for individuals for a 55 minute session, and $180 for couples for a 75 minute session. I currently provide sessions online to clients who are based in British Columbia, Canada.

I am excited to work with you to help you process the issues you’re facing and discover new ways to cope with the struggles.

Sometimes the realities of life are simply really, really hard and there is no easy solution to change what is happening. We are not broken or wrong, simply human, living a human experience.

We’re not broken. We’re simply human.